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Introduction and conditions Instructions Available data Access to researchers   

Introduction and conditions

Requests to access the data for scientific projects can be directed to the SEPI Foundation. Currently, the period 1990-2016 is available. Access will be granted for specific scientific projects only, according to the following requirements and criteria:

(1) The proposed research must be either conducted or directed by PhD holders. They will attend in writing to the following requirements:

(a) Exclusive use of the data for the submitted research project; non-transfer of the data to any third party, and maintenance of the confidentiality of the database when the results of the research are disclosed. Under no circumstances will the researcher be allowed to disclose the identity of any of the statistical units surveyed in the ESEE.

(b) The above notwithstanding, in order to fulfill the policy of replication of results followed in scientific journals, the SEPI Foundation will, upon request, devise the appropriate means to allow the researcher to comply, if required to, with that policy. For authors who claim to have based their research on the ESEE and are not legitimate users of the data, the SEPI Foundation reserves its right to bring the fact to the attention of the publishers.

(2) The proposed research project must be sponsored, financed or promoted by national or international, public or private research-oriented institutions. Own-founded projects will also be considered, particularly in the case of PhD Dissertations and MA Theses.

(3) The proposed research project must be briefly explained in a Report, in which the author must justify the need for the specific variables requested. The SEPI Foundation will not attend massive-data requests.

(4) Authors who have been authorized to use the ESEE data must mention that ESEE is a product of the SEPI Foundation when the results are presented in books, journal articles, dissertations, reports, conferences, seminars or any other.)

(5) Authors commit themselves to timely inform the SEPI Foundation of such presentations and it will index them in its official Web page.


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