Encuesta sobre Estrategias Empresariales

Title of the Project:

Name of the Researcher:

Name of the Responsible Person (whether the Researcher is not a Ph Doctor):

The Undersigned knows that the ESEE’s data to which he has access through the Fundación SEPI must be used exclusively for the research project whose title appears above. That is the reason why, in his capacity as Researcher or Responsible Person, she commits herself to guarantee the data confidentiality in all the submissions of results which he makes, to use them only for the project for which they have been requested and not to hand them over, all or in part, to third parties. Equally, he is aware that the unauthorized use of the data, according to the above, will give rise to the adoption of the adequate measures on the part of the Fundación SEPI.



The Researcher or the Responsible Person



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